Kongdy|Corn Plaster
Kongdy|Corn Plaster
Kongdy|Corn Plaster

Corn Plaster

Production Category:Other product

Production Size:10*6cm

Production Function:Relieving Knee, Cervical Vertebra, Lumbar Spine Pain

Production Description:Good sale health care stretchable corn removal plaster

Corn Plaster

Corn Removal Plaster(图1)


6*10cm sheet


For relieving corns from feet and making your feet beautiful.

Main ingredients

Salicylic acid ,milk of sulphur, natural rubber, pine rosin.





Keep in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of Children.

How it works

The corn removal plaster has a targeted medicated action for the safe and effective removal of corns.

How to use it

For external use only.

- Ensure the skin is clean and dry.

- Place firmly the medicated round part over the center of corn, adhesive next to skin.

- Repeat treatment daily until corn can be removed.

- Do not use for more than two weeks, unless your doctor tells you to.

Corn Removal Plaster(图2)

Corn Removal Plaster(图3)

Corn Removal Plaster(图4)

Corn Removal Plaster(图5)

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