Company Introduction

Henan Kangdi Medical Devices Co., LTD has a history of more than 30 years, with rich production experience and advanced science and technology. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and has more than 300 employees.

Kangdi is a comprehensive pharmaceutical company specializing in scientific research, production and marketing of medical devices. It has a standard production plant and a complete series of ointment production lines that have passed the national GMP certification. In the field of scientific research, the company has always been supported by the advanced technology of American International Green Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and has cooperated with many scientific research institutes in China to jointly develop a variety of Chinese medicine products with various specifications and covering various fields. The company's existing large-scale computer-controlled Babu coating machine; fully automatic slitting machine, slicer, mixer, large packaging machine; a modern advanced water-oil gel production line.

  • In 1999,it was acquired
    and renamed Huaiyang
    County Kandi Sanitary
    Materials Factory
  • Renamed Henan Kandi in 2013
    Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,
    Ltd. established Zhengzhou Office
  • In 2015, Kangzhimei Daily
    Chemical Co., Ltd was established,
    and the love mini brand was born
  • In 2008, the factory was
    expanded and new production
    lines were added.
    Establish a 100,000-level
    GMP workshop
  • Obtained ISO13485 medical
    device in 2014 Quality Management
    System European
    Standard Certification
  • In 2016, "Bai Ao
    Health (Hong Kong) Co.,
    Ltd." was established, and the
    brand of Yixiaotang was born

Factory Strength

Mature production workshop and strict production control procedures


Factory space: 20,000 meters
Number of employees: more than 500 employees
Production line: 5 professional production lines
30+ years of production experience, more than 30+ years OEM & ODM service.
Service Advantages:
After pay the freight then send free samples: Make market testing for customers, provide professional analysis of market guidance.
Packing and transportation: select quality bags, prevent extrusion, and powder leakage powder.
Senior Pharmacists Control the Whole Process: We have a professional R&D, design, packaging and sales team. Provide personalized services such as market package proposal , market training guidance.
Provides good Registration Information based on the market: We obtain TUV, GMP, ISO, CE certificate. Make our products circulate quickly in your market.

Kangdi Medical has been providing oem service for more than 30 years.

  • 30+

    30 + years history and first-class production technology

  • 20,000

    Kangdi has a production plant of 20,000 square meters

  • 4000

    kangdi has 4000 high-quality product formulas

  • 300

    Engineering and after-sales service personnel

  • 100

    Professional medical team and 100 core technologies

Company Advantage

Break traditional barriers and practice leading innovation

The company is joined by a team of senior pharmacists for 20 years, combined with traditional Chinese herbal medicine formulas and practical experience, to develop high-quality products with independent intellectual property rights, including wormwood stickers, moxibustion stickers, dog fu sticks, and plaster stickers. Simple. The company has a production plant of 20,000 square meters, 8 sets of high-tech production technology equipment, 24-hour uninterrupted assembly line operation, a daily output of 4 million tablets, and a rich product line, ensuring that brand products dominate the market in the field of production and research and development technology, allowing agents and dealers to take the initiative in the market.

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Service Philosophy

Segment the crowd and create an exclusive brand line


Practice the concept of quality service

Whether it is agency distribution to OEM customization and other businesses, products have multiple quality inspection processes from raw materials to finished products to ensure that product quality, efficacy, pass rate and other indicators meet customer needs. According to the different needs of different customers, combined with market experience, tailor-made exclusive brand lines, so that customers have more advantages in the industry competition. Provide free marketing guidance and docking with a large number of academic resources, so that products are absolutely guaranteed from production to after-sales.

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