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Capsicum Plasters for Mess-Free, Discreet Pain Relief

Author: Kongdy Patch

Date: 01 19,2024

If you deal with ongoing back, joint, or muscular pain, capsaicin plasters offer a convenient mess-free option. As a leading producer of capsicum plaster technology, we formulated the plasters for easy on-the-go pain relief.

The plasters release capsaicin and other pain-fighting ingredients continuously as you wear them under clothing. Simply apply the plaster once in the morning and experience up to 12 hours of heat and pain relief as you go about your daily activities.

Capsicum plasters provide natural pain relief as an alternative to oral NSAIDs or opioids that can cause side effects. The mess-free topical delivery also makes them ideal for those who cannot tolerate pills.


Our plasters are thin and flexible to move with you. The medical-grade adhesive keeps them firmly in place all day, even during exercise and activity. You can apply them under clothes for discreet relief at home, work, or on-the-go.

We make plasters in various sizes to target different body areas:

Large patches ideal for backs and knees

Medium patches designed for shoulders and elbows

Small patches for wrists, ankles, and hands

Patches with specialized cutouts or shapes for joints

Our manufacturing expertise also allows us to produce custom capsaicin concentrations to match your pain level - from mild to extra-strength.

Experience mess-free, discreet pain relief the natural way. Our capsaicin plasters deliver heat and relief for all-day comfort right where you need it. Try our drug-free patches today!