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Grab Customers' Attention with Our Eye-Catching Nasal Strip Displays

Author: Kongdy Patch

Date: 01 05,2024

This allergy season, make your nasal strip selection unmissable with our custom displays and merchandising solutions. Eye-catching point-of-purchase displays will highlight your inventory while guiding congestion sufferers straight to the relief they need.

Research shows well-executed in-store displays can boost retail sales by up to 30%. Let our display expertise go to work for your business.

01. Custom Display Units

From countertop displays to floor stands, our custom nasal strip units showcase your selection in high-traffic areas. Displays come in a variety of materials from acrylic to wire mesh to match your store aesthetic. Signage can be customized with your logo and messaging.

Help shoppers locate nasal strips quickly with dedicated branding and prominent category callouts. Free-standing floor units work well in pharmacy sections. For smaller spaces, counter displays keep inventory neatly organized and visible.

02. Creative Signage

Informative signs encourage urgent allergy sufferers to pick up nasal strips for fast relief. Signs can highlight top brands, savvy uses ("Clear congestion for better sleep"), multi-pack deals and price points.

Printed banners above the nasal strip section remind customers this is the congestion relief headquarters. Pole signs down aisles help guide shoppers right to the category. Coordinated sign colors and branding maintain a consistent look.


03. Promotional Materials

From ceiling danglers to shelf talkers, our promotional materials attract notice to the nasal strip section while educating customers. Danglers hovering above reinforce the category location. Shelftalkers feature product benefits, new items or sales.

Free-standing cardboard pallet displays highlight bulk availability and pricing. Adhesive window clings tout nasal strip benefits to outside passersby.

04. Ongoing Merchandising Support

Maximize results through our ongoing merchandising partnership. We monitor latest retail display trends and advise on what works. With seasonal consultations, we help update messaging and refresh displays to boost impact.

Let our eye-catching nasal strip displays make your store the preferred congestion relief destination. Contact us today to showcase your inventory in the best light!