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How to Use Capsicum Plaster: A Step-by-Step Guide for Maximum Healing Potential

Author: Kongdy Patch

Date: 01 25,2024

01. Get to Know Capsicum Plaster

Capsicum plaster is an herbal remedy made from capsaicin-containing peppers. When applied topically, it causes a warming sensation that increases blood flow, delivers nutrients, and interrupts pain signals. The capsaicin is absorbed into the skin, making capsicum plaster an effective, natural pain relief option.

02. Choosing Your Plaster

Capsicum plasters are available in different sizes and capsaicin concentrations. For localized pain, opt for a small plaster with lower capsaicin content. Larger body areas may benefit from bigger plasters with more capsaicin to penetrate deep tissues. The warming sensation lasts 4-12 hours depending on capsaicin levels.

03. Prepare the Area

Clean and dry the skin where you will apply the plaster thoroughly. Trim any hair that may come between the plaster and your skin. Apply a thin layer of oil or lotion to the area first to allow for easier plaster removal later.


04. Apply the Plaster

Remove the plaster's backing and place it sticky side down on the prepared skin, pressing it firmly to maximize contact. Avoid placing plasters on irritated, broken, or freshly scarred skin. Wrap the area with an elastic bandage to secure the plaster.

05. Let it Work its Magic

Leave the capsicum plaster on for at least 4-6 hours, up to 12 hours maximum for concentrated capsaicin plasters. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated as capsaicin can be dehydrating. Avoid hot showers or baths. The plaster may feel quite warm.

06. Remove and Repeat

To remove, gently peel the plaster off the skin. Wash any residue away with soap and water. Let the area breath for about an hour before reapplying a fresh plaster if needed. Use capsicum plaster 1-3 times per day. Take a break every few days.

Capsicum plaster is most effective when used properly. Following these tips will help you gain the full pain-relieving, circulation-boosting benefits of this natural remedy. Be patient, let the capsaicin work, and you’ll be on your way to healing.