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Your New Best Friend in Hot Weather? Cooling Gel Patches!

Author: Kongdy Patch

Date: 03 12,2024

As brutal summer heat settles in, our innovative cooling gel patches will be your saving grace. Using advanced hydrogel technology, these soft adhesive patches provide up to 8 hours of refreshing cooling relief for overheated skin.

Simply apply one of our flexible cooling patches to pulse points like the wrists, neck, or forehead. Within minutes, you'll experience a soothing wave of cooling therapy as the water-based hydrogel core goes to work releasing its refreshing chill. Sudden hot flashes and feverish warmth don't stand a chance!

Unlike quickly evaporating menthol or icy cold packs, our patches maintain their cooling for hours. The gentle, non-irritating hydrogel formula gradually disperses cooling moisture to regulate body temperature. You'll stay dry and comfortable with no sticky mess or drips.


Our cooling gel patches make the perfect heat-busting accessory whether you're working outdoors, exercising, or just trying to beat the heat at home. The discreet low-profile design allows you to treat overheated areas without anyone noticing. Simply peel, apply, and chill out!

Prevent heat exhaustion, rashes, and sweat rashes this summer with our skin-saving cooling gel patches. Try our convenient multipacks in assorted shapes and sizes to find cooling configurations for any hot spot on your body. Stay frosty, friends!